Backcountry areas we explore.

Appropriate clothing must be taken to enjoy any trip. A personal equipment list will be sent to you prior to overnight trip reservations. We suggest the following clothing for day trips: First winter under layer-synthetic long johns and turtlenecks. Second layer-wool or fleece sweater and pants. Third windproof layer-insulated snow suit, bibs or overalls and an insulated jacket with a hood. Extras-Bring a wool or fleece hat, warm gloves and mittens and a balaclava or similar face protection. Warm snow boots are a must. Other items: goggles or sunglasses.

Overnight or multi-day trips are a major project, requiring more extensive planning and preparation. Therefore, overnight trips require a 30 day advance notice to book. However, we prefer you call us early in the season so we can help make your dog sledding adventure an enjoyable one. We invite you to CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN TRIP into the winter wilderness. You can either stay in historic lodges, prospector cabins, tents or snow caves - your choice. We are happy to assist you with local reservations: flights, lodging, meals, and local transportation.

Dog sledding is an active and ambitious sport. We do recommend that for a trip of 50 miles or more, you take time to condition yourself prior to the trip. Also, be prepared to acclimatize to Alaska if arriving from out-of-state.

For a week long trip, plan on covering hundreds of miles in the back country. Our team of dogs can carry you and all the gear you will need for the expedition.

Weather and trail quality will be taken into consideration before departure.