Rivers we offer.If you are having difficulty choosing which river to fish, don’t think it’s an easy decision for us either! There are many navigable waterways within a one day drive. We'd rather fish than drive Alaskan roadways, so trips are designed to spend most of our time on the water.

Weather is always changing. To be comfortable, you will need to outfit yourself appropriately. The best under layers are synthetic, fleece or wool. (I prefer lightweight materials close to the skin.) Feet are tough to keep dry, so fabrics that keep you warm when wet are a must, and bring extra foot gear to change out with the wet. Pants should be durable and loose fitting. Cotton isn’t recommended. Sweaters, hats and gloves are handy to bring along. Rain gear of the best quality is preferred. Also pack sun block and good eye protection that will combat water surface glare.

If you are planning to spend more than one day, then bring a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag made of synthetic holofibers. A more extensive gear list will accompany your reservation form. Special diets are discussed prior to booking your trip.